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Touchpebbles Volume A - Teacher's Guide

Touchpebbles Volume A - Teacher's Guide

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Touchpebbles Volume A uses discussion to foster an inclusive classroom where students of all abilities learn to discuss a range of ideas through 30 lesson plans on diverse texts, including tales from Aesop and other early cultures, paintings by Winslow Homer and Sotatsu, and passages from ancient Greek and Chinese philosophers and historians. This Teacher’s Guide is to be used with Touchpebbles Volume A Student Edition.

I have used the Touchpebbles A and B with 4th and 5th grade GT students since it was first purchased by NEISD's GT program. It seems as if it has been in excess of 15 years! Administrators observing my GT students engaging in Socratic Dialogue have been amazed! They cite the maturity of thought and depth of reasoning the students exhibit. I have found that each student has an “internal clock” as far as their participation. Some jump in right away—others wait to join in. In addition to hearing what and how the students think and reason, it has taught them to really listen to each other, respectfully disagree with each other—citing examples from the text and gaining confidence in their own ideas. Many students have gone on to join debate teams and become more confident speakers.
E. Berkowitz, Colonial Hills, San Antonio, TX