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Where'd They Get That Idea? - Teacher's Guide

Where'd They Get That Idea? - Teacher's Guide

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Touchstones Where’d They Get that Idea features short, primary source texts from mathematicians and scientists. Through individual and small group work, class discussion, and evaluation activities, students develop discussion skills in math and science. They gain understanding of these subjects as a series of assertions, questions, and investigations, which rely on strategic decision making. As they apply their own thinking to understand the viewpoints and processes expressed by the authors, students will see themselves as both mathematical and scientific. This Teacher’s Guide is to be used with Where'd They Get That Idea? Student Guide.

Touchstones is a wonderful way to enrich the GT math curriculum by bringing something unexpected and intriguing for the students. I liked getting to hear the students’ ideas and watching them take the activity to unexpected levels. My academic dean joined us for one class and greatly enhanced the experience.
D. Montalvo, Driscoll Middle School, San Antonio, TX