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Completing the Odyssey: A Journey Home

Touchstones Veteran Discussion Program

Touchstones is proud to present Completing the Odyssey: A Journey Home, a discussion program for veterans to explore the timeless accounts of homecoming.  Generously funded by  the National Endowment for the Humanities, the veteran program aims to bring multi-generational veterans together to connect meaningfully through the humanities and in relation to the struggles and victories of homecoming.

Our program, Completing the Odyssey: A Journey Home, includes eight sessions run by Touchstones-trained discussion leaders.  Each group will explore selections from Homer’s The Odyssey that are juxtaposed with contemporary military stories touching on parallel themes of leadership, courage, loyalty, and the challenges service members face when returning to civilian life.  As part of their program engagement, all participants will be invited to create a permanent project reflecting their own Odyssey to be entered into the Veterans History Project, a permanent collection at the Library of Congress.

All veterans of US uniformed services are encouraged to participate! For information about how to participate contact Howard Zeiderman at the Touchstones office at (410)-604-3309 or Sean Hutzell at  
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